about Stumble Boy Match

Stumble Boy Match is an action-packed casual multiplayer game in which you must race your opponents to the finish line or complete a job before time runs out. As more players are eliminated, only the top few advance to the following round.

How does one play Stumble Boy Match?

In this 3D action game, each knockout round begins with 24 participants. We will randomly choose a challenge or obstacle course. To survive each match, try to fulfill the assignment or reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Only the final few players who complete the stage will face elimination. The only people that move on to the following round are the winners.

There are obstacle courses in which players must avoid moving items and other aggressive gadgets designed to knock them out or sweep them off the route. There are swinging cannonballs, big rolling cylinders, tilting tiles, sliding doors, spinning beams, and a variety of other obstacles to avoid and navigate.

In other levels, you must steer clear of falling tiles or deliver a bomb with a lit fuse to another player, all while evading retribution. If an obstacle knocks your guy down or pushes him back, it allows others to catch up with you. You might lose everything! Can you find out how to win each match? 

Is it possible to create custom characters in Stumble Boy Match?

While you can't personalize individual elements of your stumbling boys and girls, you can amass a variety of amusing characters. Collect money and crowns as you move through the game and unlock daily sign-in incentives. You can also fulfill several player achievements to receive exclusive skins and other bonus rewards.