about five nights at freddy's

In the horror video game Five Nights at Freddy's, you have to avoid the hazards of cartoon characters while surviving five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Your goal is to make it through five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a place where unusual things frequently happen. The restaurant's security cameras will allow you to follow the cartoon characters' whereabouts as a night guard while avoiding being seen by ominous dolls. The game is over when you are discovered.

During the day, cartoon characters act normally, but when it gets dark, they do strange things. They could catch you at any time if you let your guard down. Pay close attention to the surveillance cameras that are set up all over the restaurant if you want to watch the cartoon characters from your tiny office. If something goes wrong, like Freddy Fazbear and his friends not being where they should be, you have to find them on the screen. If it doesn't, leave right away.

Change into a guard to keep yourself safe. Try not to be scared by the strange things that the cartoon characters do in this game. Best of luck!

Tips for answering the phone in Five Nights at Freddy's: During the last few nights, the Phone Guy will send fewer texts. On Wednesday night, the Phone Guy sent his last text message. Look for clues on his phone.

Use energy saving: Each night, there is only so much power that can be used. When the power goes out, you don't want to be caught by Freddy, do you?
Night three: After the third night, be extra careful. Tuesday night will be a busy night for animatronics.
Animatronics behave in the following ways: There are five moving robots. Chica the Fox, Foxy the Pirate Fox, Golden Freddy, and Bonnie the Bunny are some of them.
Get ready for Thursday evening: That evening, the guy on the phone won't have any text messages for you, so you're on your own. This is the last night for the cartoon characters to catch you, so they are as busy as ever.

Try your hardest: If it's your first time, be ready. It was strange and scary to spend five nights at Freddy's house. Not just for Thursday night, be ready for things like car jumps, animations, and more.

What to do
To change the view, move the mouse.
To turn on the light, press the light button on either side.
Click the arrow on the bottom right to see the different cameras.
Check the bottom left screen for your power.