about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is a thrilling multiplayer racing game in which players compete to be the first to reach the finish line! The scenery is filled with hazards and moving platforms that will transport you from one side of the screen to the other nearly without your knowledge. Simply pay attention, leap at the correct time to avoid falling into nothingness, and go on without losing time.

Leave all of your opponents behind in this entertaining battle, and avoid all of the obstacles along the route if you want to earn the grand prize! Enjoy basic 3D visuals with incredible dynamics and demonstrate your abilities before it's too late. Try not to fall behind and have a good time!

What is the origin of the Fall Guys?

Fall Guys is a party combat royale with 3D platforming components, inspired by well-known tournaments like Takeshi’s Castle. The player must complete a succession of wacky obstacle courses and mini-games in which he will compete against dozens of other players. Those who qualify in successive rounds advance to the grand final, when only one player can remain.
One of the proposal's most distinguishing features is its bright and easygoing appearance. Mediatonic developed the game, which is currently being released by Epic Games.

Where can I play Fall Guy for free?

You may play Fall Guys for free on PC and share the game with others on any other platform thanks to the crossplay feature.

What qualities distinguish Fall Guys?

Enjoy basic 3D graphics and incredible mechanics.
Run without looking back until you've reached the finish line.
Overcome hundreds of obstacles and movable platforms.
Avoid falling into the void due to a faulty jump.
Get first place.

What other Fall Guys games can I play online for free?

You can play a broad range of free Fall Guys-based games.

Fall Guys online: A multiplayer game where players compete in wacky challenges. Fall Guys Knockout: A race among females dressed in weird costumes. Tight jumps, propellers, and high speeds.
Fall Guys World is a funny blend of Epic Games' Fall Guys worlds with the charming Super Mario.
Fall Guys: Stupid Fighters: Dozens of gamers try to throw each other off the stage.
Fall Guyz: Multiplayer Obstacle Racing with all the joy of 2D.
Fall Guys and Fall Girls: You'll have to navigate tricky jumps and massive pendulums that threaten to toss you into the void.
Fall, guys and girls, The Chibi Race Knockdown is a fun uphill race with moving obstacles, roadblocks, and enormous balls launched by a cannon.

How to play

Use arrows to move
Space key to jump